Our Vision: Building to Serve

Future View Outside Lovat Hall

Our current building building has served us well over the years and enabled us to have a strong presence in the community. Sadly, it is now showing signs of age, and the growth of our work in the community means that we need more space and better facilities. We have recently added an additional congregation to be able to fit everyone in on a Sunday and to encourage the growth we believe God is calling us to.
After several years of planning and consultation with church members and the local community, we decided that the best option was to take a phased approach to the demolishing and rebuilding of Lovat Hall, in order to create a new, fit for purpose building with approximately 80% more floor space over two levels.
Each week, we see an average of 1,200 people come through Lovat Hall. 
Many of these come to enjoy activities initiated by the church family; from Sunday worship to Mums & Tots; and from a summer Holiday Club, to the Winter Night Shelter. Many people also come to take part in community and sports groups, ranging from Pre-School to table tennis; and from Blood Donors to meetings of the Fine Art Society.
It is our vision that a new building will enable us to increase the number of people from the Newport Pagnell community using the facilities every week. 

Whilst our vision includes the full redevelopment of the existing building, the financial challenges of doing this, have led us to separate the project into 4 distinct phases.
  • The replacement of the existing Tickford Room with a new two storey structure, including new entrance, meeting rooms, new kitchen and plant room.
  • The building of a new area dedicated for young children and youth activities (sited at the river-end of the building on a newly purchased strip of land) with the ground floor available for use by the pre-school in day-time hours.
  • The replacement of the existing Tongwell Room and offices, with a new two storey structure, including dedicated chapel space and meeting rooms.
  • The replacement of the main hall.