Phase 1 design 

Inside Lovat Hall

The first phase prioritises the need for increased, flexible space to support both church and community group activities. Its estimated cost is £1.997m.
Simultaneously, we will raise funds of £250,000 for the refurbishment of the existing building, prioritising those areas where maintenance is necessary as well as those which will improve our external and internal recognition as a church. The total cost, therefore, of the first phase is £2.247m

  • A new welcome area, offering a significantly improved experience for those using the building.
  • Comfortable café area with increased seating and space for those waiting for children, other family members or friends, who are enjoying activities in the building.
  • Flexible meeting room space over two storeys, available for both church and community activities, with a particular focus on children, youth and the elderly. On Sunday mornings, this will enable us to deliver an improved experience for our children and youth in particular. During the week, it will provide an opportunity for increased church and community activities for all ages.
  • New, modern and fully-fitted Kitchen.
  • Plant room serving the whole building, created to take account of the future development.
  • Full disabled access including a lift and accessible toilets.
  • In addition, as part of this first phase, users of the building will benefit from: improved AV facilities in the main hall; a new lobby area (replacing the existing foyer); new seating; and significant improvements to the building infrastructure.

You can see the full plans in the attached PDFs.